Nepal Library in Progress Inspires Hope

It’s a universal truth: children around the world are hungry for knowledge and curious to learn. That’s why we’re committed to giving to projects that help kids in need further their education and broaden their horizons. And that’s why we’re proud to support Village Book Builders in bringing their next library project to fruition in Myagde, Nepal.

We first worked with Village Book Builders in 2019, funding a library build in Malawi which has dramatically improved the learning opportunities for children in the region. Recently, we donated to fund the purchase of critical equipment to outfit a new library-in-progress in rural Nepal: numerous webcam-equipped computers, a Wifi Router, and hundreds of English and Nepalese books.

The Myagde library will be located in the Parbati Pra Bi public school and will be run by the Myagde Literature Society, working in tandem with all five area schools and farming communities to promote reading and educational opportunities for 2000+ students.

The village of Myagde donated the building for the library and the community is anxiously awaiting the supplies to transform the space into a center for education, inspiration, and hope.

Unfortunately, 2020 has leveled an unfair share of challenges on this area of Nepal. First, the global pandemic and ensuing lockdown put the library project on hold, closing schools and bringing normal life to a standstill. Then, just as the community began to reopen and Village Book Builders was poised to deliver an initial infusion of learning tools, a major rainstorm washed out the only bridge leading to Myagde.

The damaged bridge has been an isolating setback for a community already in need. This challenge is only a delay, however, and not a dead end; as soon as transit is restored the much-needed equipment and books will be delivered and the children will begin to benefit and fuel their eager, curious minds.

The fifth book in the EQ Explorers series is dedicated to the tenacious people of Nepal, and the village of Myagde in particular. Set in the grasslands of the Himalayas and inspired by the library project, Ruvi Rhino Lost Her “No” teaches children an important principle of emotional intelligence: Boundaries are Beautiful! Our hope is that children in Myagde—and everywhere in Nepal and around the globe—will take to heart the lesson that Ruvi Rhino learns at the urging of her friend Daya, a young Nepalese girl full of wisdom and compassion.

On the book’s cover, author Kim Linette shares a special note of thanks to the community for their work on the library and their commitment to making this center for learning a reality:

Special thanks to the village of Myagde, Nepal. Your dedication to creating beautiful spaces for reading and learning inspires me. Dhan'yavāda!

Although the project is temporarily on hold, we are optimistic that the momentum will soon resume and these much-needed resources will be delivered into the hands of young Nepalese students.

If you’d like to learn more about Village Book Builders and the Myagde library project—including ways to get involved in this and future literacy projects—visit

Ruvi Rhino Lost Her “No” is now available in paperback and Kindle editions on Amazon. One hundred percent of profits from EQ Explorers go to help underserved children through Kapalua Cove Foundation, providing direct donations to charitable initiatives and books to orphanages, remote libraries, care centers, and more.