Kadzakalowa Community Celebrates Life-Changing Library in Malawi

Updated: Aug 27, 2019

Lehi, Utah (August 27, 2019) – Kapalua Cove Foundation and Village Book Builders are thrilled to announce the completion of a new library in Kadzakalowa, Malawi. A joint effort in partnership with the community of Kadzakalowa, the library will benefit 2,500 school-age children from six villages with educational and inspirational resources, in addition to serving as a local community center.

In April, 2019, newly-launched Kapalua Cove Foundation awarded its first charitable donation to Village Book Builders. The funds were earmarked for the Malawi Literacy Project, with plans to build a library in one of the poorest nations in the world. As with all Village Book Builders’ literacy projects, the Kadzakalowa community was offered a hand up, rather than a hand out—community members were expected to donate labor as their contribution to the project. In addition, villagers provided bricks and sand—a herculean feat in this impoverished region.

“The people in Kadzakalowa are so poor, yet their commitment to this library is astounding,” says Tyler Clark, co-founder of Village Book Builders. “They hauled sand from a river bed 30 miles away—even though nobody in the village has a car. Everyone pitched in whatever they could to purchase bricks—even though Malawi has a GDP per capita of less than a dollar a day. And they finished the build well ahead of schedule.”

The donation from Kapalua Cove Foundation provided a majority of materials for the 25x25-foot cement and brick building, 12 laptop computers, rechargeable LED lamps that children may borrow to study at home (the community lacks electricity), solar panels to charge laptops and lamps, and 1000+ hand-picked books selected to inspire and empower the children, including titles from Kim Linette’s EQ Explorers book series.

“When the kids learned we were bringing computers, they erupted into cheers,” says Clark. “Until now, when they studied computer science in school, the teacher had to draw a computer on the chalkboard.”

Not only will the new library serve as an education and community center, the resources it provides will have a profound impact on the safety of the children. The students walk anywhere from five to 25 miles to school each day—including a group of girls who are especially dedicated to their studies, recognizing education as their only way out of poverty. These girls typically stay late to study, since the school is the only place in the village with a single LED light. Walking home through the bush after dark, the girls are at risk of being preyed upon by wild animals or worse. Some of the girls have been sexually assaulted. The rechargeable LED lamps will enable the girls to return home and continue their studies in a safe environment.

The community of Kadzakalowa and the young girls in particular are deeply inspired by Kapalua Cove Foundation founder Kim Linette and the example she sets as a successful female entrepreneur and business executive. For her part, Kim Linette is equally inspired by the girls. “My goal in creating Kapalua Cove Foundation was to provide opportunities for underserved children around the globe. I hoped that I could also serve as a source of inspiration in their lives. The truth is, I’m the one left awestruck by these girls. The challenges they face are unfathomable, and yet they are undaunted in their determination to learn and improve their circumstances. It makes my achievements pale in comparison,” says Kim Linette.

The community members are sure to make good use of the new opportunity in their midst. “They went to town talking about their promises to take care of the library and to use it to progress in their futures,” says Clark. “You can see the hope in their eyes.”

To learn more and view images and videos from the Malawi Literacy Project, visit https://www.villagebookbuilders.org/malawiproject/. More information about Village Book Builders, including how to provide direct donations to future literacy projects, may be found at villagebookbuilders.org. To learn more about Kapalua Cove Foundation, the EQ Explorers book series, and founder/author Kim Linette, visit kapaluacove.com, eqexplorers.com and kimlinette.com.

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