Kapalua Cove Foundation Awards Funds to Village Book Builders

Lehi, Utah (April 2019) – Kapalua Cove Foundation, the recently launched non-profit dedicated to educating and empowering children, today announced the award of its first charitable donation to Village Book Builders.

The funds will support Village Book Builders’ Malawi Literacy Project, helping to build and outfit a library to benefit 2,500 children.

Village Book Builders in Africa

Kapalua Cove Foundation founder and author Kim Linette says that the partnership with Village Book Builders is an ideal fit for the organization’s first direct charitable donation. “The mission of Village Book Builders resonated with me immediately,” says Kim Linette. “Their literacy projects serve kids and communities in need by providing a hand up, rather than a hand out, with community members building and maintaining the libraries. They provide metrics to measure the success of each library, according to the books read per month per child—and the stats in their projects to date are powerful!”

The funds donated by Kapalua Cove Foundation are earmarked for a library in Kadzakalowa, Malawi and will provide:

  • Materials for a 25x25-foot cement and brick building

  • 12 laptop computers

  • Rechargeable LED lamps that children may borrow to study at home, rather than risk walking five miles home from school at night (the community lacks electricity)

  • Solar panels to charge laptops and lamps

  • 1000+ hand-picked books selected to inspire and empower the children, including titles from Kim Linette’s EQ Explorers book series

“Malawi is one of the five poorest countries in the world, with a GDP per capita of only $338—less than a dollar a day,” says Village Book Builders’ co-founder Tyler Clark. “The generous gift from Kapalua Cove Foundation will not only create a much-needed community center for the children, it will also help encourage the habit of reading and inspire future innovators. We’ve seen—and measured—the long-term impact of similar projects in six other communities thus far, and we’re thrilled to be able to help develop the same hope and opportunities in Malawi.”

Village Book Builder volunteers and African community completing a library

Like all Village Book Builders’ literacy projects, Kadzakalowa community members will donate labor as their contribution to the project, creating an unbreakable bond with the library. Building will commence on July 1st, 2019 and will be completed when the volunteer group arrives on August 9th. Anyone with a passion for books and helping children is invited to join the initiative as a travel volunteer.

Since its inception in 2015, Village Book Builders has developed six libraries in Mexico, Africa, and Nepal, with four additional libraries in various stages of planning and construction. The impact is staggering. On average, children in these communities have progressed from reading one book per year to reading 2.6 books per month per child. The community of El Olvido, Mexico has exceeded the organization’s goal of three books per month, with children there now reading an average of 3.2 books monthly. The children of El Olvido have also doubled their academic scores after having the library for only six months.

“It’s this type of impact that made partnering with Village Book Builders an obvious choice,” says Kim Linette. “We’re thrilled to help children in Malawi and around the world discover the joy of reading and the opportunities and inspiration presented through literacy and learning.”

In addition to funding the Malawi library from the ground up, Kapalua Cove Foundation will donate books from Kim Linette’s EQ Explorers book series to all Village Book Builders’ libraries.

To help support the Malawi Literacy Expedition as a travel volunteer, visit bit.ly/Malawi2019. More information about Village Book Builders, including how to provide direct donations, may be found at villagebookbuilders.org. To learn more about Kapalua Cove Foundation and the EQ Explorers book series, visit kapaluacove.com.

About Kapalua Cove

We are dedicated to educating and empowering children and adults to live happy, healthy, emotionally connected lives through the joy of books. One hundred percent of the profits from Kapalua Cove Publishing go to help underserved children through Kapalua Cove Foundation. The foundation provides direct donations to charitable initiatives and donates books to orphanages, remote libraries, care centers, and more.

About Village Book Builders

Village Book Builders is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization started in 2015 as a passion project of Tyler and Rebekah Clark to bring hope through books. In every Village Book Builders library, the village provides the labor while Village Book Builders provides the materials and books and computers to fill the building. To date, Village Book Builders has completed six library projects in Mexico, Africa, and Nepal, donated 2,000+ books, and impacted nearly 1,500 children.